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tv   [untitled]    March 21, 2015 12:00am-12:31am PDT

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pera current planner and first came to the department ass in the summer diagram program he's interned and completed projects toward the green project he's received dual master degrees from the university michigan my alma mater and as his batches from the notre dame f he didn't feel enter it is your mill i beg to differ but andrew worked as a wildlife biologist studying bird. >> the case bruce before you is a request for kwuvengs to convert a rail space on the
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ground floor of the western portion of the western street the portion zoned m t w one and it is permitted only until 11:00 p.m. this results in a subsequent improvement and compliment the streetscape and it will include the improvements and facade alternates this project on the whole is necessary and desirable the purpose the neighborhood despite the offer the offer contamination it will increase the commandments from 48 to 63 percent because of the corner location on the block but the result of a limited amount of storefront in the district this is a small mc district with
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small businesses this property generated a number of in the police department the proposed project is an beginning opposed and consist with the cities plan the owner of the proposed restaurant own and operate the rip tied a bar open the adjacent property he and have a good relationship with the neighborhood that is why 68 three letters of support and other positive reactions they've stated their support of having more food option only currently a few it was signed by 84 other individuals two was received an after the report opposed to the extension of hours and lastly four communications after publishing of the report were in
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opposition to the aspects of the report the department recommend approval to insure the restaurant didn't impact the character of the neighborhood and additionally give the stated opposition to the hours the department wants to limit the operation of hours to 11:00 p.m. some are allowed to say open past 11 additional hours make up the character of the neighborhood based on those findings and the case report the department recommends the approval the restaurant plies with the planning code and consistent with the general plan that concludes my presentation. i'll be happy to answer any questions. >> project sponsor please. >> hello commissioners architect on the project and this is david the lead chief for
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the restaurant this project is demographics i guess a lower density 0 neighborhood the location is out in the outer neighborhood commercial district is very kind of a depressed location this is the hub that is established for the community and he's trying to do an upscale restaurant we're concerned this is a small restaurant not going to get love traffic we're looking to see if we can maintain the hours of operation so he can at least make up for the type of busy business and the amount of business this small restaurant will receive some of the concerns building up the facade in terms of better windows and more visibility safety windows
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awe enthusiastic sprathsz between the neighborhood above and the awe enthusiasts separates from the roof and trying to create a cindy distinct other businesses this is the intent of the business if you have technical questions feel free to ask me and david will speak on the type of restaurant i want to offer. >> david. >> i've been in business with my business partner for 20 years at the location 3639 terry value and it's become a community hub and a designation for tourists and locals alike i was the vice president of the terryavile i know
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the cord and all the merchant there have some criminal element quite a bit of it we worked with the past captains of the teravile station and went to carmen chu to help to reduce the crime down there as said it was quite not residentially but commercially quite a depressed block i've been amazed like too years i'd step outside and see the ocean and 3wr9d up storefronts and nothing that happening now supervisor katie tang and carmen chu are doing the street improvements that last year will be amazing san francisco view to the pacific ocean and this is the street improvement and it's opens the
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overhead. >> yet most the crime is where we were going to put the proposed restaurant and they're gone and withhold to put it fairly quality of restaurant and going to have our main menu for cohesives to do stints for a month to 6 weeks tattoo buy same things hi they'll play off our main menu that's a good thing this is the place that was a retail but people are illegally conferred it into a living space so when we got it they shot out
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our windows with a 21 and through a garage cap through it was kind of wild west that's what i've got to go clean up later so it is kind of we dealt with a lot of crime and things are getting much better and the neighborhood when i went around with the 4 hundred letters from immediate neighbors they all word why this retailed space i'm sorry commercial space is here why do they need to get in the car to drive it is quite a distance to drive from several restaurants that's what my staff and i hear about quite often any questions. >> well, you you know the beach area another one point was a
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thriving hub of activities and playland and stape it got lost over the last 50 years this is nice that is worthwhile to rebuild the community a little bit more density as well i understand the project is going up on sloan and the other street i encourage the activity virtuosa bedroom community some sort of you know business activity that is well, coming to the neighborhood so again, because of the size of the business i think this is ultimately important to stay open as long as they can because you know they're not going to make much business out of the small space they're open to 2 in
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the morning next door and so only serving beer and wine not going after hard liquor so shut down the last customers anothers 1 in the morning and winding down by 2 o'clock. >> so i believe the other restaurants on that block is zoned until 2:00 a.m. beach and others pizza but that didn't mean we'll stay open that late the to the traffic is a designation what we do with the rip tied and this is a designation to bring people there when they hear about the chiefs coming and gsi also a high quality resource of over and over graphic food i think you have the menu in your packet so as far as being around the
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area for so many decades and knowing so many neighbors that are long term that grew up there in the 40s and 50s and 60s they need a have got quality restaurant restaurant. >> i can go on (laughter) i'm insure you can if you're done we can maybe take commissioners questions or public comment. >> i want to say this neighborhood commercial district at that he said is probably the most depressed district in the city i think any activity that what create cindy can create a hub for the community and very welcome to - >> that's all i have. >> rip tied is a boar that has
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a fireplace; right? >> they actually just recently got our second year in a row as the best neighborhood boar in san francisco so that's out of hundreds of bars and twice in the year the best neighborhood bar we got it ward two mondays ago prior to that we've done sf school drive every year for 12 years and starred the teravile street fair that was 5 consequent years and supported my beseech cleans up things like that. >> let's open up for public comment and maybe more questions
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for you okay opening it up for public comment. >> good afternoon. i'm stefan i'm not part of the project sponsor team i grew up on the pier flats with the san grabbing gabriel it was like no man's land i like to keep the hours actually 2:00 a.m. in the reasons that bar should have a food component someplace nearby a quality food component when they took over that bar we had negative circumstances see they got involved in the community and built that thing to have a captive audience the cheers of
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47th 48th avenue but having flooding food is a great action possibly maybe on the week days but certainly at the same time it is once our down there you want to stay down there hey, let's get in the car and it's nice to have food we know who they are they've got a proven track record i wish them the best of luck. >> is there any additional public comment. >> thank you for your time i want to say that i was in the neighborhood i lived there for 10 years and worked for the rip tied when i first started working there the work they put
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into transforming the neighborhood was huge i think that i'm completely for having a restaurant on that block especially after the fact that the residents before that were very unsafey and caused lots of problems and they were the two that advocated changing that i wanted to say the neighborhood really needs more of that and less massage parlors and things like that in the neighborhood i hope you guys consider it. >> i live across the street from them kitty-corner from the rip tied and i have no problem with the bar sound really so having a restaurant on actually 2 i'm assuming they're not having loud noise because it
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will be a little bit closer to me but i really there are no people hanging out and screaming and partying outside there they're very reputable for the bar the way they handle everyone so i find they're probably going to be most ingenious with what they do and again, a food component to the drinks is very going to be healthy to me to - thank you. >> hello, i'm jean fontana lived in san francisco for 167 years a resident of sunset for six i've worked and a thank you the clubhouse one the biggest
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problems we've had being in the bar and restaurant there's no quality places open until we get off our shifts we have to leave our areas where we work and live because increase not a place that has high quality food and not fast food i think a restaurant open to 2 will help where my friends something in the neighborhood that will be nice to walk or not go down to west portal. >> good afternoon. i'm a third generation board san francisco and lived in the outer sunset for thirty years pcp i hope you'll share my telling him on
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the block there's chinese max and a diner that specialize in food poisoning it's not just me that's another meeting and there's a pizza place that has deliveries i enjoy having a restaurant with quality feeding food with late hours that will enhance the neighborhood thank you. >> is there any additional public comment okay public - >> nice shirt. >> good evening, commissioners i actually live above the proposed restaurant i came here kind of torn not how i felt about it came for more information i speak on behalf of david he's nice and his staff is good i've enthused about the
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business i was concerned about the noise because i have a hole in my bathroom floor i concerned about the time i have a newborn if they're willing to work with us i'm okay with that thank you. >> is there any additional public comment. >> okay public comment is closed. >> commissioner antonini. >> to the speaker who thought she was going to find food late in west portal i go through the same thing i live out west of twin peaks and don't feel like cooking you don't have a lot of choices you better have something in the i remember i think this is a great idea and
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there of the one comment about 3 hundred feet raising eating and drinking but 3 one hundred feet is the rip tied and a better way to look at the staff report for the entire teravile r su d, 17 percent eating and drinking raised to to 17.5 doesn't change that significantly i have a question for the project sponsor i think we wanted to know about the name of the restaurant or what kind of can you destine and the name we're working on the rip tied worked the menu is not stirrup expensive but high quality if i can find it here
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something affordability off the top of my head avocado salad with crab meat and terry are a chips a really good chicken potpie with a buttery crust also a very well-made angus berger we want to do a really fine version on fish and chips and desserts are keeping you informed line pie and mouse on top. >> i'll category it as
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comfortable feed and, as far as, your friend that lives above us we are going to repair everything in the upstairs apartments there's leaks we're going to gut the whole place and go upstairs and that's on our tab not on the landlords we want to not have a shower coming down we're going to come and fix everything so no problems in the near future. >> thank you very much do you have something else to add. >> as far as the awe enthusiasts we're looking at the sound isolation and windows icing the safety awe last time glass to contain you know isolations sounds and other
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methods for reducing sounds and isolating that will shot the noise up those are some of the concerned. >> thank you that sound like very good i have a few more comments. >> could a i say something about the kitty-corner that will be a family laid-back restaurant with no liquor. >> yeah. >> okay yeah. i also 64 letters of support i'm kind of been in san francisco living for the truth of the matter since 68 i kind of remember when i was first going out through there was a few neighborhood restaurants near the beach and things started to deteriorate and nothing you wanted to stop at and eat so it's really good to hear this kind of thirngz thing is going on was it did for n judah you
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can do for teravile it is a designation for people it is great to have that there i remember the ice ring on 48 i'm in favor of having the longer hours i mean certainly a split or maybe 2 o'clock all the time in the rip tied is on actually 2 you're going to have traffic at the bar this will add a few components you don't have to stay open till 2 as late as 2 but i'll be in favor of it staying open as late as 2 o'clock. >> commissioner richards. >> you know normally in the upper market we have those issues are residential it is not having police calls and things like that can you address that.
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>> yeah. are there 0 any. >> most of the calls to the police were us calling on our neighbors (laughter) the other people accordingly a noise complaint for when people outside are smoking the security knows when people are done with their sect we have done $30,000 with sound proofing and get along well with everybody across the street many came today but had to go back to work and many elderly wrote letters. >> i'm a limiter of hours but i'll support to 2 the motion says 11 o'clock so we can amend that. >> we can amend that i move to
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approve with the expanded hours to 2:00 a.m. >> second. >> second and commissioner hillis. >> just a question what time do you intend to stay open. >> in reality i know that that block and that area so well and i didn't intend serving until tlouksz woiks but good to have the two hour window if people the extra two hours to 2:00 a.m. we'll take the last food order anothers 1245 it is hard to say the demographic is changing and sue mentioned they're to including but not limited to build a 7 tower of demographics
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this will be more people i will imagine 1 o'clock or 12:30. >> i'm two skeptical it is a late night can i ask staff the rules if you close at 2 just a question for staff if you close at two does everything have to be out by two. >> that's the distinction everyone is clearing out of the establishment. >> oh but that is essentially the definition they'll be clearing out. >> closings out last person serve. >> you staff on their way and cleaning up. >> that's an important portfolios not serving until 2 everybody out. >> if you have to have everyone
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out by 2. >> you know 1145 apartment. >> my suspicion on that item that monday trusts wednesdays are slower days and those hours will be adjusted but thursday, friday saturday might be where the extended hours will definitely be working. >> commissioners is there a motion and a second to approve that matter with conditions as amendment e amended to allow the hours of operation. >> commissioner moore. >> won't that make sense hearing the applicant that the first days of the week open until 11 and for saturday and sunday or friday saturday and sunday the latter hours. >> commissioner moore my feeling on that is this is kind of pioneering area and i rather
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give them the ability to open and stay late i think in the inventing they'll customized economize their areas and the nature will cause them to open and an alignment with what you're suggesting saturday night and printer i'd like to give them the freedom maybe a one year check back. >> i'm curious of staffs responses about custom emphasizing the hours is that what we do any place else. >> we possibly considered it but not a typical request if the commission feels they would to adjust the hours you have that per recognize but not a standard procedure my many visits with
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the commissions for certain days you may set a time and then - we have loud later hours on the weekend i can't think of specific for this area. >> so a proprietary discoveries that monday, tuesday, wednesday nights could you than choose to have those days short and take advantage of the other ones. >> i think that is up to the business operation if they are not having clientele coming in on a monday evening it is routine to close shop at 12 o'clock they know the pattern of their clientele and their operation but give them that flexibility. >> that's correct. >> so commissioners is there a motion and a second to approve that matter with conditions as amended